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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Courteney Cox banned from plastic surgery?

According to the Post Chronicle, David Arquette has banned his wife Courteney Cox from having plastic surgery. According to the article:

Former Friends star Courteney Cox is eager to undergo plastic surgery to slow down the signs of aging - but her husband David Arquette has banned her from doing so.
The 42-year-old actress gave birth to the couple's daughter Coco in 2004, and Cox is desperate to regain her pre-pregnancy figure with a little help from the surgeon's knife.

She says, "I have a permanent baby belly after having Coco and I have issues with getting older. I obsess over the changes. David has a huge problem with surgery, but I don't."

Ths photos I've seen of Courteney look pretty good. She probably wouldn't benefit much from a tummy tuck anyway. I've always wondered what she saw in him. Granted, he was once the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight champion, but still!

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Anonymous said...

How controlling! In my opinion, banning your wife from having plastic surgery is no different than forcing her to have plastic surgery. Expressing an opinion is one thing...but it's her body!

twitches said...

And it's her money, I'd say. Although I think she still looks terrific, a little tummy tuck wouldn't hurt if she wants it.

Anonymous said...

omg..i luv courtney...!!damnit david..let her do whatever she wants..
but seriously she could do better than david..
brad pitt..maybe?

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt? Oh please! Anyway, I think Courtney Cox has a great figure and fantastic natural breasts. Leave them bad boys alone, Courtney!

The Patients Advantage said...

Maybe David shouldgo to The Patients Advantage and get some work done himself. He's lucky to have her!

Maddie said...

She's obviously had a lot of plastic surgery lately (watch her on the Scrubs episode). I think she looks pretty bad. David might be on to something--he knows she's overdoing it.