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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

John Travolta wearing a wig? has this photo of John Travolta's wig. If you look closely you can see the lace work. Take that away and it looks fine!
Receding hair and baldness is a genetic trait. Don't worry, if you're 35 and have a full head of hair you are unlikely to lose it later on. Most men who go bald either get hair transplants (maybe Kevin Costner), a hairpiece (Andre Agassi's brother?) or just shave it all off (Andre Agassi and Bruce Willis). I only see the horseshoe combover look on older men who don't care how they look so much anymore...and Rudy Giuliani...

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Anonymous said...

the photo looks like a fake.

Alexander said...

Rudy Giuliani or Vampire Ghouliani?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is Peter Teiman writing from Sweden.It is astonishing the degree to which the health industry has set up to deal with hair loss, which is far from perfect.