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Monday, June 04, 2007

The G Shot

I've been asked by the Fox News Channel to discuss The G Shot on America's Newsroom tomorrow at 9:30 am. The G Shot is a procedure originated by well-known Beverly Hills gynecologist Dr. David Matlock, which entails injecting collagen into the G-spot to increase its thickness and size. The belief is that this can enhance sexual arousal and graftification. According to Dr. Matlock's in-office study, 87% of women reported successful results. The procedure takes about 8 seconds (the time for the injection) and lasts about 4 months.

Now, I've never performed this procedure, and as a surgeon tend to stay away from this area of the body. I do have some colleagues in Beverly Hills who know Dr. Matlock very well and have only kind words about him as a person, surgeon, and his practice. While the information on this procedure is scant in our scientific literature, this would be expected with such a new procedure. It is an off-label use of the product, and therefore not FDA approved yet. From what I can tell though, the risks are minimal, and it is definitely possible it works.
But I am still going to avoid putting needles into that area...

For more information on the G Shot, check out this article from the San Francisco Chronicle or click here for Dr. Matlock's website.

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