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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Deborah Harry Admits to Plastic Surgery

According to, singer Debbie Harry has admitted to having plastic surgery for 'business reasons.'

She says, "Everybody knows that I've had plastic surgery. I did it for business reasons. You photograph better, and looks are a key part of being an entertainer, so I felt it was something I had to do. All sorts of horrific things happen in life - why make it worse by worrying about getting older?

From the looks of things, it appears she's had a possible upper and lower blepharoplasty, facelift, and skin rejuvenation with lasers and/or chemical peels. In this photo (all made up) she looks pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

check out Pharell's new cheek implants (OMG) on Perez's site from Weds-Thursday

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I love her honesty, and it looks like plastic surgery gone good.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

She kind of demonstrates the paradox of taking fat out of the upper lids. It removes the bulges but leaves you looking hollowed out when done in excess.

Anonymous said...

Who is this woman's surgeon? I want to use her doctor! Looks great for 62.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a surgeon, but I work with a plastic surgeon in Naples, so I've seen my fair share of before and after photos. I've seen Deborah now for what seems like my entire life; I thought she looked great when she was young-er, and I think she looks fantastic now... that we're both older. Has she "had work done?" Who knows; as plastic surgery gets better and better, it's harder and harder to tell. Good. All I know (and it appears people here agree), is that she doesn't look like your typical 60-something rocker (think Keith Richards).

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! I thought she had maintained herself extraordinarily well. It appears celebrities do need help like the rest of us mere mortals. How refreshing that she admits it in such a matter of fact way. Nicole Kidman take note.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Harry is without doubt one of the great 'faces' in entertainment history and boy, she still looks sensational. I work in PR in Manhattan and regularly run into her at various functions. The woman is breathtaking. The definition of a star basically.

Anonymous said...

Does look older than in her hey day, but shit, I'd still bang her

Anonymous said...

This is one amazing woman. Honest, no-nonsense, and NOT overdone. All celebrities should be this upfront.