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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Facial Flex Video on QVC

This is hilarious. Facial aging is caused by laxity of the facial muscles and skin, in addition to loss of volume. That being said, the muscles that this appears to 'work out' are not necessarily the muscles which get looser with age. Besides, it looks like my old retainer and chin cup combination from elementary school. If anyone has used this device, please leave a comment and let us know how it went!
Thanks to Ageless in Los Angeles blog for the link.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious is right. I believe fellatio works those muscles better and it makes two people happy instead of just one.

HealthHelper said...

Really funny. It would be Interesting to see it work. Great posts!

Anonymous said...

If not done correctly, it can actually increase the severity of nasal labial folds. On the other hand, I feel that it has made my lips fuller. Not really sure if anything else has happend. It has been about two weeks.

Anonymous said...

i'm a 20-something guy, and i actually used this product for about 6 months. overall, it did seem to make my cheekbones more developed, and my face is fuller. but i think it did increase laugh line wrinkles and purse my lips a bit too much. it also definitely aggravated my TMJ - in fact i never was bothered much by TMJ before using this product. now my jaw clicks on both sides. the reason is that this product actually shifts your jaw back and forth, which is really bad for the joint. shockingly, these guys claim to be good for treating TMJ.

that's BS.

for that reason alone, i wouldn't recommend using this thing. it's really made my life uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I started using this and it definately tightened my chin line, which tends to be full and saggy. I saw results in two weeks. It's not the same as getting excisional surgery of course.