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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Michelle Pfeiffer on Skinny Women and Plastic Surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer has recently commented on the "Size Zero" debate and plastic surgery. According to,

Hollywood beauty Michelle Pfeiffer has defended men over the size zero debate, insisting it's women "who have created the myth that skinny is attractive". The Batman Returns star has blasted women who put pressure on each other to be thin - branding them "crazy".
She says, "Men don't want undernourished and bony women. And they don't find grotesque plastic surgery attractive either. So it can only be women who put the pressure on themselves. Why are we doing this to each other? It's crazy."

I guess I would disagree with her. I think the Hollywood trend towards too much weight loss is the fault of both genders. Either way, I really like Michelle Pfeiffer. She has aged very well, and is a classic beauty. I've unfortunately never seen her up close and personal, but a good friend of mine used to see her in a local LA park quite often when he walked his dog. He said she was very attractive, but looked like a 'regular' person. She looks like no regular person I know!

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sunchaser said...

Interesting. I tend to agree with you that it's both sexes that are the problem.

But aren't there studies showing that longevity increases at smaller body weights?

Michelle is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, This is Peter Teiman writing from Sweden. I wonder to what extent plastic surgery has exacerbated eating disorders.
Peter Teiman