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Thursday, July 26, 2007

John Cusack - Necklift?

The is reporting that John Cusack may have had a necklift recently. According to their article:

“John’s never been a vain person, but when he watched his latest film, he was shocked to see how awful the sagging skin under his chin looked,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.
“At first John, who’s very squeamish, tried to avoid surgery and went the ‘anti-aging’ route with a specialist.”
But the “Say Anything” star was unhappy with the results, revealed the insider. So the big chicken took a cold turkey approach to facing his fears- and made the decision to have a neck-lift.
“The last thing in the world John wanted was a plastic surgery,” said the insider. “He admits he’s a coward when it comes to medical procedures. But the results were fantastic.” John’s procedure took place in early July.

Most 41 year olds don't typically have a lot of sagging skin under the neckline. This is more common after someone turns 50. It's also unfortunately common for a person to visit an "anti-aging specialist" and have a bogus procedure performed which doesn't work. I tell all my patients: "If it doesn't make sense to you, it likely won't work." This includes lifting sagging skin with injections, threads, and fancy-marketed 'intelligent' liposuction. If you decide to go this route, try to get a money-back guarantee in writing first!

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Alex said...

Plastic meean artificial right?

Shashi said...
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Shashi said...

Good Stuff !! Like your Blog !!

Anonymous said...

I have long thought that John Cusack was aging quickly and looked older than his reported 41 years. It wouldn't shock me a bit if he chose to have some surgery done. Hope it turned out well for him.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw the 2009 episode of Inside the Actors Studio featuring John Cusack and his face seemed super smooth and stiff to me. I also got this impression from trailers of Hot Tub Time Machine (NO I haven't seen this movie!) I wonder if you'd care to comment on his more recent appearance? I always thought he would look great with some wrinkles and grey hair so it was a disappointment.