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Monday, January 21, 2008

Nicole Kidman - Botox Free

Nicole Kidman was recently photographed attending the Australian Open with a strangely different look on her face (see 1st photo). Could it be that she had to quit Botox while she is pregnant? I think so. Botox injections can give a person what I call the "Botox brow." (See 2nd photo) It is an overarching of the eyebrows that can give a somewhat sinister look. Botox does tend to wear off after 3-4 months, and the first photo may be what Nicole looks like au naturel.

I wouldn't Botox someone if they were pregnant either.

Photo credit: 1st photo: socialite's life 2nd photo:

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Anonymous said...

Correction: it can't be what she looks like 'au naturale' because she still has that stuff in her lips. Maybe she has a permanent filler in those.

With the extent she's been using botox over the last couple of years, wouldn't the muscles have atrophied to the point where the results last a lot longer?

Aud Rey said...

With her hair line, it does look awkward without the Botox. That might be why she uses it. She'd have to get bangs and possibly change her hair color.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Youn,
I just noticed your new photo in the "About Me" section. Lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

Everyone's been complaining about her forehead, but I think her penciled eyebrows are even scarier. Why can't she buy lighter colored eyebrow pencils?

Anonymous said...

and being pregnant she shouldnt dye her hair either, poor thing looks like her roots are totally gray.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why Nicole Kidman is always so shiny.

that's the definition of plastic, i guess. because it looks like she rubs Vaseline on her face all the time.

Name: Calvin Low said...

I'm no expert or anything so correct me if i'm wrong, Dr Youn. I think she's had:

blepharoplasty - her eyes look so much more 'awake' compared to when she first started out

rhinoplasty - the tip or her nose is smaller and the bridge is slimmer

cheek implants / fat graft - I'm not sure which, maybe both. But I remember she used to have a hollower face when she was Mrs Cruise. Now she has no nasolabial lines at all.

Lip augmentation - She's been using fillers to plump her lips for some time now as pictures show how her lips fluctuate decently in size over the years. But recently they are humongous! Yuck!

Peelers / Microdermabrasion etc - Where are those freckles?

Botox - Duh!

No doubt she looks fantastic especially during her prime years around 2001 - 2005, during which I think she had most of the major work done. I think the results of all the work is wearing off into something ugly.

Anyway, nice website.

p.s. Somebody stop Nicole!!

Anonymous said...

lovely posting..........

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Nicole will leave the Botox alone now that she has had her baby. She barely had any facial expression in one of her last movies, The Invasion. She should let herself age gracefully.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Youn - You look like you have had a few nip & tucks yourself.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful women she was. If you saw what she looked like in practical magic compared to what she look like. It kinda breaks your heart.

Rebeca said...

Nicole Kidman is gorgeous and stunning But this is not all natural. I think She is also a plastic doll who have had done Lip Augmentation, Boob job and nose reshaping....Although Nicole Kidman officially decline that she ever had a plastic surgery.while surfing thru' net i found this where it's 100% sure that she had done cosmetic surgeries

Nicole Kidman Boob Job

Anonymous said...

She looks like one of the 'Thunderbirds'. An out of space puppet, only her mouth moves.