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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ann Coulter - Plastic Surgery?

Has conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter had plastic surgery to prepare her for her upcoming book tour? Take a peek at the photo on In Your Face, and see how she is looking fantastic (the photo above is from 2006). If I had to venture a guess, I would bet that she's had Botox injections to smooth the wrinkles of her crow's feet, frown lines, and forehead. She's also likely had chemical peels or laser treatments to tighten the skin and improve her complexion. Finally, her eyes look more alert and refreshed. This can be a sign of a browlift.

The old-fashioned browlifts were pretty gruesome surgeries, with the scalp cut from ear to ear and the skin of the forehead pulled back. Most surgeons (myself included) now perform mainly endoscopic browlifts which are much less invasive.

While I don't agree with some of her political views, I think most people can agree that she is looking fabulous.

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Photo credit (from 2006):

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Anonymous said...


I agree with every one of your assessments which, in my view, are broader in scope than the OC Register's opinion poll options.

Sorry to say, but Ms. Coulter's face looks a bit scary since there is no natural wrinkling on her face even when she smiles. Even twenty-somethings have a bit of skin wrinkling when smiling or squinting. So, I'm thinking she's had botox done not just on her forehead, but at outer eye corners, n.l folds, and upper lip area.

Her skin looks quite shiny/waxy so the peel ting has probably been done.

A broken jaw??? I am very skeptical about that one. When someone has a broken jaw are not the teeth wired (as in braces) to keep them in position? A friend was in a very serious car accident where her jaw was broken and she had to wear oral wires for 3-4 months.

Thank you again for all you do, Dr. Youn.

Devin Maxwell said...

Too bad there wasn't some sort of procedure that would sew her lips shut...

Anonymous said...

I don't really like the way her face looks right now.. Too "botoxy" for my liking!

Anonymous said...

I believe she looks like she has Marfan syndrome. I'm not saying that because I think she is a phony who spouts trash to sell books, but because of her very long, narrow face, and extremely long thin hands and feet combined with her thin, long limbed build.

I am not unaccustomed to tall thin people. The women in my family are all thin and tall, several have been successful models. None of them have that long thin face or those stretched hands and feet. Hers are very odd appearing, even on her website photos, where I would assume she would only post flattering photos.

Dr. You, your opinion on Marfan?

Anonymous said...

Devo said...
Too bad there wasn't some sort of procedure that would sew her lips shut...

I would highly recommend both set of lips be sewn shut!

Anonymous said...

Her face looks shiny, kind of like Tom Cruises'. I think he recently had some work done, too.

Anonymous said...

Politics aside ('cause why would I want to explode my own head)why would she spend a bunch of money on skin and surgical procedures, and then ruin the effect with the same too-long, over-processed hair, harsh dated eye liner, and the cheesy omnipresent little black cocktail dress? Her next stop shouldn't be the plastic surgeon, it should be TLCs "What Not To Wear".

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I doubt she has Marfan's Syndrome.