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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did Alicia Witt Have a Modest Breast Augmentation?

Good Plastic Surgery (a nice site from the makers of Awful Plastic Surgery) has a post on Two and a Half Men's Alicia Witt. There are before and after photos that may show a tasteful breast augmentation. IF she's had breast implants placed, it appears she's gone from an A to a B. I often have patients who ask for relatively small implants (less than 325cc) so that it's not obvious to others that breast augmentation has been done.

I've never watched Two and a Half Men, but I hear the show is pretty funny. She looks good.

Bring on LOST tomorrow night!

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Linda said...

I went to the site and I agree, they are tasteful and they look natural and proportional to her body. I like this! Dr. Youn, have you seen the several augmentations on the girls from the reality show "Rock of Love Bus" (with Brett Michaels). I can never understand why some of the implants are so high up, close to the chin. See the young woman in the front row, on the right: