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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who Has the Best Legs in the World?

According to a study by the International Society of Plastic Surgeons, the best legs in the world belong to Tina Turner, Cameron Diaz, and... Sharon Stone? It's a three way tie.

The best legs I've seen in person on a celebrity probably belong to either Kate Beckinsale or Brooke Burke. They are both stunning in person. Carmen Electra has a nice set of legs too...

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Anonymous said...

I love Brooke Burke's legs. Stunning woman. I don't care for Tina Turner's - is she bow-legged?!

Anonymous said...

Sharon has beautiful legs, always has:

Anonymous said...

Carmen Electra has very short legs. I usually see photos of her standing on her tip toes at the beach, or in very, very high heels to make her legs look longer.

Cameron Diaz has lovely, long, slim legs.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Anon - Do legs have to be "long" to be "lovely"??

Anonymous said...

Dr Youn,

I think legs have to be proportionally long to the overall body to be attractive, yes. Short legs do not look attractive to me at all. The proportion is very important when looking at legs.

Anonymous said...

longer legs have always been considered more attractive and the thing is, longer legs are more rare than short ones. I think they are more lovely, definitely. I agree about Cameron's legs.

Anonymous said...

femur to tib

So. Dr Youn: are you a leg man? a butt man? or a breast man?