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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did Mickey Rourke Use Steroids for his Role in The Wrestler?

Like many of you I was happy to see Mickey Rourke win the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role in The Wrestler. Although I've not seen the movie, it's nice to see the underdog, down-and-out person rise up to the occasion and win. That being said, did Mickey Rourke take steroids to bulk up for his role? According to Starpulse,

The actor piled on the pounds to play heavyweight retired grappler Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in the film, a role that earned him a Golden Globe award on Sunday.
Rourke worked out twice a day with an Israeli cage fighter and gorged on seven meals a day to bulk up for the part.
But in a new interview with Men's Journal he suggests he had a little extra help to speed up the process - by indulging in a drug synonymous with the world of pro wrestling.
When asked if he took steroids, the star replies, "When I'm a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler."

He is pretty huge in the photos I've seen from the movie. I don't think if I ate seven meals a day and worked out twice a day I'd look like him. I'd probably look more like an Asian Fat Albert. Maybe he got some tips on adding muscle from Sylvester Stallone!

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coffee said...

here i thought Mickey Rourke would never show up in public again, and there he was, winning big at the Golden Globes

V McIntyre said...

Could you do a post about how you would fix his face?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

That's quite the undertaking ;)