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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bruce Jenner Has Another Facelift

Kim Kardashian has confirmed that her step-dad Bruce Jenner has had his second facelift. According to

"Twenty five years ago, Bruce was ill-advised by a doctor to have a partial facelift and a nose job," Kim writes. "Unfortunately, the result wasn't what Bruce had hoped for and for years since then he has been the victim of cruel taunts from the media."

"Since he's turning 60 in October, Bruce felt it was time to correct the mistakes made by the previous doctor so he went to a new doctor for a second facelift," she continues. "The results are amazing! Bruce looks better than ever and he is extremely happy with the result. Make sure you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians next Sunday to see what Bruce went through for his new look!"

I always thought he'd had his nose whittled down too much. Hopefully the corrective work will make him look less 'operated on' and more masculine. Bruce does seem like the most sane one of the bunch in that reality show. Unfortunately, in the above picture he looks like he was just ridden hard and put away wet!

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Dr. Youn, about Jenner's nose. The tip is too small and he's developed an odd asymmetry, not sure if it's due to the surgery though. His original nose was great, I have no idea why he or his surgeon wanted to change it! I hope they've done something to restore some of the tip bulk.

Did he have an upper blepharoplasty which revealed more of the lid, or is this just part of aging? I think too much lid reveal looks feminine. That, combined with the overly refined nose and overly polished skin, makes him look too much like a woman.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering what he looked like back in the 70's before he had any work done.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks just a bit better after his recent procedures, mostly in the jawline. His nose is still too thin, is it not possible to make it a little bigger? No nose implants?

To anon who wants to know what he looked like before, just do a Google image search, there are lots of pics out there. He was very very handsome.