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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Miss California Carrie Prejean's Breast Implants

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, supposedly had her breast implants paid for by the Miss California USA pagaent. This is according to Shanna Moakler, co-executive director of Miss California USA.

In an interview with "Access Hollywood," Billy Bush asked Moakler, "Did you guys pay for it?"
"Yes," Moakler responded. "We did."
"It was something that we all spoke about together," Moakler said referring to herself, Prejean and Keith Lewis, Moakler's co-executive director. "It was an option and she wanted it. And we supported that decision."

Moakler, a former Miss USA herself, defended the organization's decision to pay for the implants, telling "Access" that it's a common practice in beauty competitions.
"Breast implants in pageants is not a rarity. It's definitely not taboo. It's very common. Breast implants today among young women today is very common. I don't personally have them, but you know — they are," she said.

The above photo appears to show a pair of breast implants which create a round look in someone with little breast tissue to cover them. They are very tasteful in size, though.


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Anonymous said...

I think its pretty bad to uncover what she has done privately after the pageant. She's beautiful with or without the surgery, she's a cut above the rest. Great to see someone with guts, tenacity and fortitude, we need more Carries in the world. With or without the crown, she is a bright and shining star.

Anonymous said...

They may be "tasteful" in size, but they still look fake, fake, fake. Like oranges tucked under the skin.

V McIntyre said...

For someone who goes around talking about things not being Biblically Correct, she seems to have forgotten the first deadly sin: Vanity.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure her boobs aren't Biblically Correct. Methinks she needs to spend more time reading her Bible and less time judging other people.

That being said, she has a right to her opinion, but it's laughable that she doesn't understand how what she said ignited a controversy.

MJones said...

I think it is quite amusing that those who preach tolerance of all are themselves the biggest bigots. Especially when it comes to Christians saying anything. I think she was set up with this question because she was a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Bolt ons and bleached hair. So many of the young women in the pageants are starting to look almost identical.

V McIntyre said...

MJones, no one said there was anything wrong with her being a Christian. I was simply pointing out her hypocrisy. Let those without sin cast the first stone, right?

The public's divided on the issue, and there would have been controversy no matter what she said, so stop trying to play the "people are bigoted against Christians" card.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic, just going to reinforce the ideas that women cannot be perfect without huge breasts. I am all for people improving themselves- for themselves but when such a woman is in the public eye and young girls will be watching and looking up to her i think it is reinforcing a negative ideal. The competition is outdated and sexist anyway and the participants having plastic surgery (paid for them) isn't natural beauty anyway is it?