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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reese Witherspoon Eats Cookies to Look Younger - Nutricosmetics

According to an interview with In Touch Weekly magazine, Reese Witherspoon has been eating cookies which claim to have anti-aging properties. According to Pop Crunch:

The Walk The Line star is rumored a huge fan of beauty giant BORBA’s DeLuscious Vitamin Enhanced Cookies, which claim to combat fine lines and wrinkles.
The tasty treats come in different flavors including Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Toffee White Chocolate, and boast more than nine minerals and vitamins.

These cookies are commonly known as nutricosmetics, or foods believed by some to have anti-aging properties. Many of them have anti-oxidants and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Some examples include Borba's skin balance gummy bears and age-defying water. While it's big business overseas, nutricosmetics (or nutriceuticals) have not become as big a hit here in the U.S., although some high end stores do carry these types of foods.

What's my opinion? I think that virtually anything you eat that is good for you (fruit and veggies=good, fat fried salty foods=bad) will help keep you looking younger. That's common sense. I once worked with a plastic surgeon who loved Burger King. He ate Whoppers all the time and his face was a greasy mess. I bet if he changed his diet he'd look much better. I often see this in my patients. The ones who don't drink, don't smoke, stay out of the sun, and eat good foods look younger than the ones who do all of the above.

It's just that they might not have as much fun in life...

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure she's getting paid for telling the media (via "rumor", please) that she eats those cookies. It's a good idea though, doping up junk food with vitamins and other supplements. I think ALL junk food should be REQUIRED to contain vitamins and minerals.

Rosina at Middle Agless said...

Of course she gets paid! These mentions are knows as "slip-ins" and they cost as much as regular advertising. Fresh fruit and veggies, whole grains and cold water fatty fish are the best bet for youthful skin. I agree with the doc though, we all need a little fun in the form of a burger or fries from time to time. (Veggie burgers and yam fries aren't junky enough!) I agree with the previous poster that junk food should be required to contain vitamins and minerals.