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Monday, May 18, 2009

Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery

In a very frank, revealing interview on the Today Show, actress Lisa Rinna has admitted to silicone injections in her upper lip. She admits to having it done 23 years ago during the time of the movie Beaches. Like injectable silicone often does, it got hard and she's had to have steroid injections to the upper lip to soften it up. She also admits to having Botox and Juvederm injections. The Juvederm is especially evident in the obliteration of her nasolabial folds - the lines between the corners of the mouth and sides of the nose- and her plumped up cheeks. Finally, she admits to having had a breast lift, which she really feels she benefitted from.

It's always nice to see a celebrity be frank and open about his or her plastic surgery, whether good or bad. I speculated that she had a Gortex implant in her upper lip, which is another type of permanent implant like silicone. Unfortunately, the only way to remove liquid silicone is to cut it out. Ouch.

For streaming video of the Lisa Rinna Today Show interview, click here.

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legitimate internet business said...

Lips are always a tricky cosmetic one ever seems to get them done in a way that looks good and natural

Anonymous said...

I have always thought Lisa was a beautiful woman, but can't get over the major distraction of her lips. Her lips are disgusting and I can only imagine how she would look like with "normal" ones.

Anonymous said...

She admitted to only one lip procedure, but I think she's had several throughout the years.