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Thursday, July 16, 2009

David Beckham - Botox Brow?

Is David Beckham exhibiting the classic Botox brow? It looks like he has something in common with Nicole Kidman. Check out to read my thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Now I see why men need to be careful about the placement of the Botox injections ... Beckham now has very feminine-looking gull wing eyebrows! Dr. Youn, I hope that your male patients come out better looking than this!

And that picture of Kidman on bettyconfidential, Jesus. Talk about overdoing the fillers as well as overdoing the Botox. She was so beautiful and now she looks so puffed up her skin is about to burst apart. I hope those fillers aren't permanent.

Organic Make Up said...

Did he really need it?he in any case looks like the most wanted hunk in the world?

Elena Montes said...

Its strange to see what the dude has done with himself... Quite unlike of Beckham

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed with the increasing feminization of men. We really don't need another gender spending excessive amounts of time grooming, nor do we need both genders to remove all body hair. I happen to like body hair on a man, it's one of the things that makes a man look masculine. I love the unibrow and hate when guys remove it.