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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Take the Victoria Beckham Breast Test

The OC Register reports that Victoria Beckham has identified four distinct time periods in her life based on her breast size. They are: Pre-implants (pre-1999), First Implants (34 D -1999-2001), Largest Implants (34 DD -2001-May 2009), and Smaller Implants (34 B - May 2009 to present). They also present a slideshow quiz to see whether you can identify from which breast period the photo is from. You can find it here. Good luck! (I'm ashamed to say I got most, but not all, right)

Photo credit: AP / OC register

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Breast Augmentation Thailand said...

Dont get me wrong but i think that this breast augmentation is one of the worst celebrity augmentations. I dont know what the surgeon had in minds but the old fake 1980's certainly springs to mind. She could have had so much better.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if any implants could ever look normal on Victoria Beckham. She has like 1% body fat! Of course it would help if she chose a size that was appropriate for her original breast size. She should have implanted to a B or small C, no larger.

Cosmetic surgery thailand said...

It looks like her breasts are about to blow up...

Anonymous said...

she's beautiful...but she looks so fake... :(
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