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Saturday, January 16, 2010

iPhone Apps That Remove Wrinkles, Cellulite, and Even Grow Hair?

Now I've heard of everything! There is a company that is selling iPhone Apps that claim to erase wrinkles, smooth cellulite, reduce puffy eyes, and even grow hair! Here is the company's explanation of how using their iPhone app can erase wrinkles:

The wrinkle eraser uses green color and the Jade gemstone to increase collagen and elastin. Green is the color of nature. It is related to love and self-love and includes the ability to give and take love unconditionally. It has a calming effect that especially builds collagen, elastin, and protein therefore helping with wrinkles and fine lines.

What a crock! I know of no evidence that putting a certain color light on your skin can do anything at all. If this was truly the case, I'd sleep with a green light over my face.

For their website, click here.
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Selene said...

Does this mean that you believe that LED light therapy doesn't work as well?

organic cosmetic brushes said...

This is strange a mobile phone and so to say the electronic aids to life become so effective in all spheres of life.Amazing advancement of technology.

Anonymous said...

Haha! How ridiculous, they really have iphone apps for EVERYTHING including fake medicinal apps. Too bad it doesn't really work, it'd be the cheapest face lift of my life!