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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Revelations About John Edwards and..Plastic Surgery?

New details are emerging about former politician John Edwards. In addition to cheating on his cancer-stricken wife, a new book alleges that he used donor money to fund hiding his lies about the child he spawned with former mistress Rielle Hunter. Of note, I was actually asked by the National Enquirer to look at photos of her baby right after the story broke, whom they suspected could be Edwards'. I declined the invitation at the time. Looks like they were right on target with that one!

An insider recently remarked to Gawker:

In his book, Young writes that Edwards switched from Diet Coke to "caseloads" of Sprite and Sunkist after shelling out for plastic surgery and "new teeth" that were susceptible to stains.
Edwards' other drink of choice was cheap white wine -- over ice -- which his minions would keep at the ready in a cooler in Edwards' car.
"He's so nouveau riche," the snitch said. "He's totally a guy with no taste who suddenly came into a lot of money."

I never liked John Edwards. He always reeked of opportunist to me. I wonder what plastic surgery he had?

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Anonymous said...

i never cared for him either. i always thought he was smarmy.....and im a democrat.
phew that was a close call. he coulda been the nominee. yikes.

Erica said...

Look whose name I found on this article~

(of course yours!)

KD said...

This man is a poor excuse for a human being whose true legacy is all the pain and suffering he caused to those women, especially his wife. I hate that he has celebrity in our society.