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Friday, January 22, 2010

Octomom Had A Tummy Tuck (I'm Pretty Sure)

So now Octomom is on the cover of Star Magazine claiming her flat stomach is not the result of a tummy tuck. I think that's a load of hooey. This is the same person who claimed she did not have her lips plumped up.

So what's the telltale sign of her tummy tuck?
Look at her belly button. It's a vertical slit. While we can't see the long scar associated with a tummy tuck (see my website page here for a diagram), the belly button looks like her surgeon either created it herself or inset it as a vertical slit. In my opinion, this is a telltale sign of a tummy tuck.

It's nearly impossible for her tummy to flatten like it has without plastic surgery. There should be a considerable amount of extra skin, and the belly button usually resembles a ^, not a .

Octomom, your nose is growing!

If you live in the Metro Detroit area, I will be calling in to Fox 2 News tomorrow morning at 8:30am to discuss the Octomom and Heidi Montag.

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pam said...

I have seen some very close up, enhanced photos of the fakini pics.
The scars that you mention are there under higher magnification and contrast enhancement. Also, scars for leg liposuction and underarm skin removal. We all understand your need to preface your opinion by saying "I'm pretty sure" since you weren't her doctor. Let me be the one to tell you that you are 100% right. The only thing she should be posing for is "Monster of the Month".

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't worry. If her nose grows too much, she can just NOT have plastic surgery to fix that, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about the shape of the belly button before v. after tummy tuck surgery.

Thank you so much for your informative posts, Doctor!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would weigh in on this! We all suspected but nice to have the professional view.

Erica said...

Ugh, I don't see why she feels the need to lie about her tummy tuck. I think after having 8 babies surely there's no shame in having surgery to fix what happened to her. Kate Gosselin's stomach after 6 babies was so stretched out it really did look like what she called "the butt in the front."

Octomom truly is delusional if she thinks she can lie about her surgery and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Youn,

She mention that she used "human growth hormone" containing cream and vitamin C to get rid of her stretch marks. Is there such a cream? Any hopes for us ladies of getting rid of stretch marks doctor in the near future?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your article. The lies coming from Ms. Suleman do not stop at her body. So many lies tht affect her 14 children. This is a start! I have been so worried that some young girl who just had a baby would try and follow Suleman's example, a very dangerous example. You may very well save the life of a woman who took to heart Suleman's lies.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for Octo, we'd have nothing to do...Oh yes we would, we'd find another one, lol

Chicago liposuction said...

Of COURSE she’s had a tummy tuck, are you kidding me? Have none of you all had babies? There is no way to have 8 at once, stretch your skin out that far, and then bring it anywhere near flat without major surgical assistance.