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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Did Haylie Duff Have a Breast Augmentation?

The latest issue of Star Magazine (and this photo from shows what appears to be a dramatic size increase in Haylie Duff's breasts. They look like they're about to explode out of her shirt. Has she had a recent breast augmentation or did she stuff two grapefruits into her bra?

I would bet on the breast augmentation. Give her some time and they should settle down nicely, unless she went to Europe and got the 'gummy bear' implants. Then she may be stuck with what she has.

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Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

Hubba hubba. Do you think she was running when this image was taken? I see breasts rising to the level of the chin when some women run. My husband always says they'd better be careful or they will get two black eyes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my melons, my guess is that she forgot her environmentally friendly grocery sack and instead carried home the produce in her bra...because THAT is just unnatural, Miss Duff!

Anonymous said...

Her facial surgeon took too much off of her jaw.

MAS said...

I think Rosina is referring to Dolly Parton Syndrome... black eyes while running :)

No question she had a breast augmentation! Just take a look at some old pics of her. My guess would be 350-400cc... and maybe a little nose work to top it off.

I wonder if Haylie and Heidi know each other??

raincoaster said...

Why wouldn't you get them put in evenly? I mean, is it fashionable now to have them two inches offset vertically?

Anonymous said...

do gummy bear implants not settle correctly? i'd love to see you do a post of those... i hear/read too many different things about them and whether or not they're worth it.