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Friday, April 09, 2010

Heidi Montag Had Her Back Scooped?

I've been asked by several media outlets what Heidi Montag meant by having her 'back scooped.' While the media outlets are swirling around what type of unusual new plastic surgery this might be, I have a pretty disappointing but accurate definition: liposuction of the back of her hips.

This area, also known as the love handle, can be very effectively liposuctioned, creating a 'scoop' or concave effect. It's one of my favorite areas to liposuction since it can create such a nice contour that most women (and men) really like. Plus, the risk of unevenness in this area is pretty low, especially compared to the abdomen, which can get lumpy very quickly (just ask Tara Reid).

Yes, I scoop backs all the time. Sorry, Heidi, you're not special in this regard.

For a great MSNBC article on "back scooping", click here.

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Dr. V said...

I'm not sure how they got "scooped" from "lipo", but nothing is surprising in H'Wood, right? Maybe the next fad will ScoopLiPo instead of SmartLipo??

Hanna said...

Heidi has said now she wants bigger, but can't because she wants bigger than the 800cc allowed legally.......

Anonymous said...

I'm liking this scoop procedure, it's very subtle. I also love platysmaplasties.

Anonymous said...

I've done some research on "back scooping" and I was informed by another surgon that it actually meant she had her vertebrae "scraped" or "scooped" to inhance the curve of ones back. From Heidi's saying that it's not done often or hardly at all makes me believe she had a very dangerous surgery. I work with spinal cord injury patients. Can't wait to see her on the floor, either from damage to her back or from those massive stripper boobs!