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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Television Show Looking For Plastic Surgery Enthusiasts Age 18-28

A national television program has asked me to help them locate anyone age 18-28 who is obsessed with plastic surgery and has multiple procedures at this young age. They produce a docu-style program which explores the double-life that some people lead. According to the producers:

We will treat your story with the utmost sensitivity, compassion, dignity and respect... We want to explore how you cope and how you untangle the web of your double life. With the help of a qualified, highly-credentialed, on-camera therapist, our hope is for you to jump start a dialogue about the issues you confront on a daily basis. Family members or friends may take part in your transformation.
If you are interested in sharing your story and you fit the above description, email me at and I will forward your info along to the producers.

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