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Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Heidi Montag Trying To Become a Human Barbie?

How do Heidi Montag and Barbie's measurements compare? Is Heidi trying to become a real life Barbie doll? Check out to find out.

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Dr.V said...

She's puts Barbie to shame in the TaTa department (and we all thought Barbie was too well-endowed!) Now Heidi just needs to have a few ribs taken out to get down to that 13" waist and she'll be all set. Great pics!

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

Those boobs are just scary. They remind me of my ex-husband (now dear friend)'s yacht bumpers. If there were an operation to extend the neck, Heidi would surely have it done so that she'd look even more like that plastic icon.

MAS said...

I know she's young and a little crazy, but I still can't believe that her plastic surgeon agreed to give her those gigantic implants! They look ridiculous!

Michael said...

She looks hot, although somewhat artifical. Sure, most guys wouldn't think twice even with abnormal boobs like that. That's what media can create in terms of expectations. More young women want to fit the profile and be perfect. Pity.

Cosmetic Dentists Chandler said...

They actually look painful. And heavy!