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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nicole Kidman Has New Breast Implants?

Two questions today:
1. Q: Has Nicole Kidman undergone a breast augmentation?
A: It appears that way. These photos from reveal what appears to be new breast implants. It would be very unusual for a woman as thin as she is to have breasts as full and round as those are. I haven't seen her with obvious implants before, so she may be recently postop.
2. Q: Why do they look so round? Is it the plastic surgeon's fault?
A: Maybe. It can be quite difficult, even with today's silicone gel implants, to create a really natural look in someone who has so little body fat, especially after she's had children and the breast tissue has thinned. Now, a plastic surgeon can make matters worse (less natural-looking) by placing an implant that is overly round or doesn't fit the person's dimensions. Excess scar tissue (capsular contracture) can make the breasts look rounder and less natural, too.
Nicole has denied having plastic surgery in the past. I wonder if her denials will continue?
To view streaming video of a segment I did with the CBS Early Show on the newest breast implants, click here.
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Anthony Youn, M.D.:


Anonymous said...

Anyway, it's ugly...

olivia said...

haha yes she definitely got implants, she has that grapefruit half look, i don't know why women go for boobs like that, can't they see it looks totally fake? and here, they have a huge gap between them!

Anonymous said...

She's had those implants since 2007, some time before the dreadful Vanity Fair cover where she's dressed up in nautical garb holding her shirt open. They just haven't been on display very much. They look dreadful. Recently she's had veneers and some of the close up pics of her at this event show distinctive filler in the nasolabial folds. I'm not anti surgery, having had some myself, but she seems to be doing unnecessary things, and then denying it which just alienates her from her female audience in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I noticed them, too, and they look like very obvious implants. However, it seems she has laid off a bit on the forehead Botox; her eyebrows in the recent photo make her look a lot more like how she used to look before she had the constantly-lifted-brow Botox look.

Your Receptionist said...

Those are dead ringers for Victoria Beckham and Whitney Houston's obvious implants. Yikes!

MAS said...

Poor Nicole. Those implants look so awful on her. Tear-drop silicone under the muscle would have looked so much better. Looks like she might be getting a little capsular contracture on her right side too. She's still gorgeous though, and even though her implants could definitely look more natural, at least she doesn't look like Heidi Montag!

Great pics!

Antonia Rosina said...

Those are clearly implants, and not especially good ones. I favour the dew-drop implants for looking natural. However, when I was disussing this with one of the more popular surgeons up here, he told me that "the girls" actually ask for them to have the upper ridge and look obvious. Strange in my opinion. I certainly wouldn't want the whole world to know I had implants.

I wonder what Anon at 5:42 saw that looked like "distinctive filler in the nasolabial folds." That has me a little worried!

Anonymous said...

She has had them for at least 3 years now. She flaunted them in that ed dress with the bow at the Oscars. And the cover of Vanity Fair with the sailor outfit.

It looks awful.

She was such a beautiful woman. She did not need any improvement.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why she wears a dress like that with those horrid implants. She would look awesome wearing a halter-neck gown which would show off her toned arms and beautiful face (except for the lips, I still hate her lips).