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Friday, October 03, 2008

Say it Ain't So Joe Biden... Plastic Surgery?

Like me, you may be one of the 70 million people who watched Joe Biden debate Sarah Palin last night. Did any of you notice the weird way Senator Biden's eyebrows moved? The inner eyebrows moved very little, whereas the outer part of the brow would often dramatically move upward, creating a 'sinister' look. His central forehead was also devoid of wrinkles. Has he had Botox injections?

This is quite often how a Botox'd forehead looks and acts. However, with all the media scrutiny on him, how on earth could he go to a plastic surgeon and have Botox without everyone finding out? Well... the effects of Botox last 3-4 months on average. It's possible that he had the treatment prior to being chosen as Obama's running mate, when there were less cameras following him. If that's the case, the Botox should wear off over the next couple months and the central forehead wrinkles should return (unless he has it done again).

As an aside, many people have speculated that he had hair transplants back in the '80s. He does have a somewhat unusual hairline at the temple, which may be a sign of this.

For my analysis on the other candidates, click here for Sarah Palin, here for John McCain, and here for Cindy McCain. Sorry, there will not be a post on Barack Obama, since I don't think he's had anything done.

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Anonymous said...

No speculation about it. He DID have a hair transplant! I remember when he was bald headed and when the plugs (which at first were quite obvious as plugs) started to appear.

Here is a picture of him showing him in the process of losing his hair,-Beau,-Hunter,-Jill_03.jpg

And a video showing him pretty bald in 1988

lookin' good joe said...

I remember the bald head also . I think this is a pretty decent hair implant job, especially since it was done 10-15 years ago , and the botox is OK as well .
He looks quite good for a man who's 65 years old .

Do you think that he may have had his eyes done as well ?

Anonymous said...

Joe has also had something done to his eyes. He also has so much filler in his nasal lines they are non existent! Everyone has these why oh why do people go overboard and flaten them out totally...looks weird! And Oh yes!! Obama had his nose done!!!

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I'm not so sure about the eyes, fillers and nose job speculation...

Roger Paradise said...

Its quite obvious Biden had a blepharoplasty, and one that excised too much eyelid.

Biden has allegedly had much difficulty fully closing his eyes post-surgery and it has affect his ability to sleep.

I'd say get well soon Joe, there's no cure for a poorly done bleph!