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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lisa Rinna Admits to Having "Too Much Filler"

Soap star and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Lisa Rinna has gone on record admitting to having had Botox and injectable fillers. According to an interview with In Touch Weekly:

The 45 year-old Rinna says, "We all know everyone does it! We go on Jenny Craig and do all these things to change ourselves, so why can't we get a little filler?...
At my age, you have to look good if you want to continue working. Sometimes we do things to help, and I did. I had tried Botox, and then fillers came into the plastic surgery world, and you think, "That's not a bad idea..."
I thought I looked great. It was a little bit more than normal, but you think it'll go down, so I wasn't scared. But two days ago, I saw a photo of myself at a party and went, "Oh, jeez. I have too much filler..."
I see that it's too much, so I'm going to lay off. I don't want to look weird! It'll go down in three months. And of course I'll stick with my doctor here in LA. I've seen him for years and he knows me best."

I've written about her lips many times in the past. Click here for previous posts. Take out the excessively plumped up lips and she looks fantastic for a 45 year old woman. It's nice to hear a Hollywood celebrity being up front about her plastic surgery. It's too bad not all celebs are so honest (Nicole Kidman?).

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Rinna at one time denied having implants or surgery at all? What made her come out now? Oh, the obvious, she show how horrible she looked.

Chrisitina said...

It is nice that she is honest about her plastic surgery. Dermal fillers and botox can help a lot with high definition tv.

Anonymous said...

Too late. She already looks weird. Really I think her plastic surgery is some of the worst. Her lips by far are the worst. That's all I can stare at when she's on tv. Her upper lip is huge and doesn't move. She was really attractive before all the plastic surgery.

Miss said...

wow,its amazing how honest she is