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Friday, January 16, 2009

Plastic Surgery for Robert Pattinson?

There are rumors that Twilight star Robert Pattinson has had plastic surgery, making him look more masculine. If you examine these photos from, you can see why people believe he may have had a rhinoplasty and jaw implants. His nose appears straighter and his jawline appears more filled out. A jawline implant is very similar to a chin implant, in that they are both usually made of solid silicone rubber. Another way to fill out the jawline is to use fat grafting.

Jaw implants or not, his nose definitely looks a lot better now!

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Anonymous said...

I just don't see why he is considered "hot". He is not at all.

John from San Jose said...

I don't see it. His jawline, chin and nose look exactly the same to me...

Anonymous said...

I don't think he had surgery. If anything, he looks more masculine in the first pic. Also, the before and after pics are taken from different angles so obviously his nose will look different. I don't think he's done anything to himself.

Anonymous said...

It looks like he had a nose job.

Anonymous said...

These pics are taken only a month apart...the one on the right was taken BEFORE the one on the left.