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Friday, February 13, 2009

Does Michael Jackson Have An MRSA Infection?

Several internet sources are reporting that Michael Jackson may be fighting a severe MRSA infection on the face. These sources state that he is on IV Antibiotics for treatment of this multiple drug-resistant bacteria, and that it may have originated from nasal surgery. Could this be true?

There doesn't appear to be any word from Michael's spokesperson yet, which may be a bad sign. MRSA is a type of Staph aureus bacteria which is often found inside the nose of "carriers." Although usually asymptomatic, in rare cases it can cause severe infections which can even destroy tissue. There are very few drugs which are effective against MRSA, although a handful do exist. The photos of Michael show a very limited amount of the skin of his face (since it is covered by a surgical mask), but the skin that is shown does appear red and possibly inflamed. For his sake, hopefully the rumors are false and he remains in good health. I have never seen a serious MRSA infection of the face (although I have seen it elsewhere), but I can imagine it can be pretty scary.

Source: The Sun

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Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson used to be so handsome before all of his surgery.