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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Burt Reynolds

What else is going on with Burt Reynolds? It appears as though he has had an old-fashioned, skin tightening facelift. The face ages in a 3 Dimensional fashion, with both sagging skin AND loss of volume. The traditional facelifts like the one that Burt appears to have had focus only on tightening the skin (performing only a 2 Dimensional surgery, not 3-D). This can make someone's face look thinner, tight and pulled. You can see that his face is now quite a bit thinner than it is in the "Before" photo. A better surgery for Burt would be the Volumetric Facelift, which combines tightening sagging skin with addition of volume back in the cheeks and smile lines. In this way, Burt wouldn't look as feminized and thin-faced as he unfortunately does now.
One way to improve how he looks would be fat grafting, or transfer, which would help fill in the areas of his face which have thinned, or lost volume with time. Unfortunately, the man once voted "sexiest man alive" likely wouldn't be anywhere near that list today.

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