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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jessica Simpson

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica...
Recent photos have surfaced which show Jessica Simpson's new lips. I was interviewed about her lips by the celebrity magazines In Touch, Life and Style Weekly, and US Weekly, as it seems that in her post-Nick Lachey life, she has spent a bit more time with her plastic surgeon. It is already pretty apparent that she has had her breasts and nose done, but now she has focused on the kisser. It appears that she has had Restylane injections to her lips, and did not think twice about going out in public soon thereafter. Restylane is one of the newest injectable fillers, and is made of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in human skin. It lasts anywhere from 4-8 months, and is used to fill in wrinkles or the lips. I charge approximately $500 for a 1 cc syringe, which is usually enough to get a nice improvement in the lips or smile lines. I would estimate that she had anywhere from 1-2 cc injected. Those lips are made for talkin'!

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Anonymous said...

She looks like a CARP.

Not attractive at all, unless you like kissing a fish............