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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Face Transplant

The French Woman with the Face Transplant...Is this a face only a mother would love? While the media plays this as such a huge step for plastic surgery, I believe that it's more the morbid Hollywood fascination about this which attracts most people. Hollywood and the public are fascinated with looking like someone else. That's why the movie Face/Off with John Travolta did so well, and people are fascinated with the "lion woman" who has had WAY too much cosmetic surgery done.
During my plastic surgery residency, some surgeons I worked with performed a full face skin graft to a burn patient. Basically, they harvested a "face of skin" from her back and grafted it to her face. The darn thing unfortunately died off, leaving a scarred mess. Hopefully the Face Transplant woman will stop her smoking, as this can cause her face to literally turn black and die, leaving her with a mess similar to the burn patient I've described. Then maybe her mother may not even find her easy to look at...

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