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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Debbie Gibson

Out of the Blue... Debbie Gibson returns to the entertainment world with "Skating with Celebrities." I was disappointed last night to find that the former teen pop star had been booted from the show a week ago. She has undergone quite a change in the past 15 years, and some have attributed it to some well-done plastic surgery. In my opinion, many of her changes can be due to plain getting older. She is no longer wearing the goofy hats, and has gotten a thinner face. The face will often thin as a person gets older, usually by the time he or she hits their mid-thirties. This 3-D aging process is described on my practice website. She also doesn't display as much of a gummy smile as before, and may have had some liposuction under her chin. In addition, her nose looks a bit more sculpted, likely from a rhinoplasty. All of these changes can be natural, but I would make the assumption that a bit of liposuction, a rhinoplasty, and a gummy smile repair may play a part.

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