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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thread Lifts and Dr. 90210

Do the thread-based brow lifts work? Yesterday I watched a TiVo'd Dr. 90210 episode from 2 weeks back where Dr. Jason Diamond performed a browlift on a woman using threads. In the television show, the facial cosmetic surgeon described how these sutures work to lift the brow to a nicer position and are the newest, best thing going today. These threads can perform a brow lift without REAL surgery! Sounds too good to be true, right?
Unfortunately, it is. He subsequently wrote an article in this month's Plastic Surgery Products magazine describing how these thread-based lifts do not work. He's performed over a dozen of them, virtually all with zero visible results. He concluded his article by stating that these suture brow lifts do not work. In addition, he included the photos of the very same patient on Dr. 90210 whom he recently used to show the entire viewing public how great this procedure is! Now I suppose that this must show truth in advertising, as ONE of the two claims must be true. Either it is the best new procedure going today, or a complete sham. I would bet on the latter. It just shows that while you can't necessarily believe everything you see on TV, you CAN necessarily believe everything you read...

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