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Monday, March 05, 2007

Gene Simmons Having a Facelift

Starpulse is reporting that KISS rocker Gene Simmons and longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed had facelifts done recently, and their experience will be documented on their reality show. He has been looking a bit rough lately, so maybe a little plastic surgery can make him look nicer. You can see the heavy neckline under the makeup, which should be improved with the facelift. Can anyone name another hard rocker who had a facelift performed on TV? Hint: He didn't have his surgery done by Dr. Feelgood...

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Anonymous said...

Vince Neil from Motley Crew, right?
I think it was on VH1. Wow, who would have thought that all these "idols" would look like this now. You can totally see the damage all the drugs, smoking, and alcohol have done to their bodies. If only they would have maintained a healthy lifestyle, they might not need all the surgery they do now!

Anonymous said...

ugh Gene Simmons gives me the creeps. And it was Vince Neil, the Dr Feelgood clue was a dead giveaway. Vince did not look much better after surgery. Maybe Gene will.

Anonymous said...

Ok, speaking of gene simmons, I just have to ask Dr. Youn: Is it true that he had some procedure done to make his tongue longer? Is there even a procedure which exists that allows one to be able to extend their tongue out further than normal? Wouldn't it be unethical for a doctor to perform such an unnecessary procedure?

Anonymous said...

Gene Simmons has never drank alcohol or done drugs in his life (read his book if you don't believe me). His looks are definitely not a result of a hard partying lifestyle.

Chris said...

I HIGHLY doubt that. hes definiely partied. if he says he hasnt done drugs or partied... thats just as much of a lie as sleeping with 4600 women.