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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jocelyn Wildenstein - Part III - Fixing Her Plastic Surgery

So, how would I fix Jocelyn Wildenstein's bad plastic surgery?
This would be quite the job for any plastic surgeon. Here are some things I would recommend if she came to me for consultation:

1. No more plastic surgery unless it is to correct the previous work that has been done.
2. Remove any cheek implants that have been placed. Consider liposuctioning any excess fat grafts which have been put into the cheeks.
3. Refer her to an oculoplastic specialist to consider reversing the apparent canthopexy she's had. This is the procedure that causes the eyes to look slanted and cat-like. Reversal of this surgery would make the eyes look more natural. Technically I could do this, but it is not a surgery I've performed for quite some time.
4. Surgically remove the lip implants she appears to have. This would unfortunately necessitate a cut either at one end of each lip or along the whole lip margin, depending on what substance is in her lips.
5. Surgically remove the chin implant that she appears to have. This may be performed via the mouth. Unfortunately some implants grow into the bone and may be a big problem to remove. These are not the implants that I use, which are easily removed in a 5 minute surgery.

This would be the start, and I think could definitely be a big step towards making her look more normal again. Any more suggestions from other plastic surgeons or blog readers are welcome!

To view a video segment I did on Fox News on plastic surgery addiction, click here.

Thanks for reading.
Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.


Anonymous said...

Could you do anything with the severely arched brows?

marly said...

The brows may be tattooed and if that is the case, I believe the color could be removed by laser treatment.

I so admire you, Dr. Youn, for your kindness in discussing this pathetic woman. I've never experienced a man cheating on me (or I may be too naive to have realized it) but she has gone through public humiliation.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if she decided to leave the jungle and go back to her lovely former face.

Bravo to you, kind doctor.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for the kind words Marly. As far as the severely arched brows: This is a difficult thing to fix. One possible treatment is Botox injections to the muscle that elevates the brows. This may help them come down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Poor woman... She needs a psychiatrist, NOT a plastic surgeon!

Anonymous said...

Poor woman... She needs a psychiatrist, NOT a plastic surgeon!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how people can put themselves in such a painful situation, i was born with spina bifida and have had alot of problems with my one foot and leg, ive had alot of orthopedic surgery, and have gotten ositmilitis which left me with a horrid wound with bone and such exposed, in april i had a skin flap done which is rare around my area to get that type of plastic surgery done on that location of my body, it was really complicated and im still having reservations, they took the muscle from the inside of my thigh two incisions were made, than the regular skin graft was taken from the outside of my thigh he placed the part of the muscle in the wound on the bottom of my foot, than he brought it up over top almost so it was resting on the area right above my ankle it is really big, it is about soft ball sized and has the look of raw meat with the normal look of a skin graft its really raised he says it will go down over time and i have alot of possible edema, but it is still really scary for me because i really havnt known this dr for a long time, but he was the only in nj who does such surgery so im still really worried about the outcome im 17 days into it, i was in the ICU at cooper hospital in camden nj for about 4 days than on a regular floor for about 10 days, i had just been in there for 25 days taking care of the ostio and getting weekly debridments and such than on iv antibiotics at home for a period of time and a wound vac which i had, had before, what im getting at is these people go into these operations not really caring that there can be such complications like infection, they can be going into the operation looking to enhance a part of their body, but in a few months, they could get a horrid infection than have half of that body part cut away to clean out the infection and left with bad scars, i have nothing against plastic surgery i think if you are in the right state of mind and have good mental health and you feel that breast implants or a nose job will make you feel better about your self and give you a new found confidence than good for you and get it done, it's just people like this woman who are never happy with the end result they become addict and so hard to please, they just find new things wrong and want more and more procedures shes taking the body she was born with that was seemingly healthy for granted, i guess that's why it strikes a nerve with me, because ive been so sick, and ive had over 100 operations that i never wanted, but were life saving operations and i know the mental and physical pain that me and many others go through and you have people like her that take their good health for granted its heart breaking to me, because i would do anything just to be able to walk on my own two feet again go outside and take a nice breath of fresh air and enjoy my life like normal 21 year old girls do, i dont think i would ever choose to go to the lengths that she has, to choose to spend time in a hospital, and go under those drugs and just in that ordeal, please dont take it as if im bashing plastic surgery because im not, you guys do such amazing great things for people, its just when people go over board like her, it just like she doesnt comprehend the really bad things that can happen to her by going under the knife so many times, and i cant see how any dr can look at her and find it rational to operate on her, she clearly has severe mental health issues.
I see people like her talking about their next surgery, almost like its a birthday coming up and they have a high from it, and than people like me he lay awake crying in bed the night before asking god for this to be the last time and it never seems to be the last time for me.
Sorry for that rant but as for you, i think you are a great person and do such good work and help so many people feel good about themselves and change their lives, you have a personality that so many doctors lack just by the way you speak about your job you seem to have a passion and compassion for people, and i truly hope you keep that, don't get jaded like so many of them do, but i doubt they would, you have too high of a spirit.

One more thing, for the people who are die hards against plastic surgery, there are so many different realms of it, plastic surgeons are the reasons burn victims get part of their lives back, plastic surgeons are the reason that people who have disfigured faces from injuries get part of their lives back, the reason the people who almost lose arms and legs, the reason they get part of their lives back, plastic surgery isn't all about boob jobs, and nose jobs, there's micro vascular plastic surgeons like mine, who take people who have wounds that never seem go away that could kill and horribly sicken you, they use their craft to surgically heal them, they do skin grafts for burns, they do facial reconstruction for people in car wrecks, they just do so many amazing things and improve the lives of people every day, and should not be judge as much as they are, they save lives just as much as any other doctor out there does.

this was long and probably wont get read i wouldnt blame you, but thank you for your time it's something i feel i needed to say, because so many people see these things from the outside looking in, but i know what its like being stuck behind this glass wall looking to the outside.

everyone should keep love, hope, and faith in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

I don't find that attractive...
But I remember I read somehwre that she wanted to have her eyes more cat-like.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a prime example as to why people do not need to get plastic surgery. I believe that if a person has some sort of deformity or has suffered in some sort of accident they would better candidates for plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is addicting and I really feel bad for this woman because she looks a mess. I just wished people would be able to feel more comfortable in their own skins, and not turn under the knife to boost their self esteem.

Unknown said...

I think, the first thing she must do is to make her chin smaller. It is awfull now.

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for her and wish that she would move on from her insecurity (since she dumped that philandering no-good husband) and consider going through corrective surgery to bring back her natural looks. One is supposed to age gracefully after all. :)