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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan - Lip Injections?

Here is a photo taken a couple days ago while Lindsay Lohan was shopping in Manhattan. Her lips are looking a bit puffy, possibly the result of Restylane or the new Juvederm injectables. If she's had them done recently, the swelling will subside within a couple days and the next time you see her she may look pretty normal. If the swelling is already gone, then she is going to look this way for the next 6 months.

photo credit: celebrity dirty laundry

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Anonymous said...

Unless somebody has almost "no lips" or lips that are not "normal proportion," lip fillers are a stupid idea. It's usually quite obvious and fake looking.

Anonymous said...

why do i find her then even more attractive now then? and no, im not an idiot.