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Saturday, December 08, 2007

America's Vainest City = Salt Lake City?? has released a report of the top 10 vainest cities in the United States. They took several factors into account, including the per capita number of plastic surgeons and the amount spent on beauty products and services. Here is the list:
8. (Tie) Los Angeles
8. (Tie) New York City
8. (Tie) Virginia Beach
6. (Tie) Nashville
6. (Tie) Louisville
3. (Tie) Miami
3. (Tie) San Jose
3. (Tie) San Diego
3. (Tie) Greenville, Michigan (just kidding)
2. San Francisco
1. Salt Lake City (!)

Why all the ties?
I would put L.A. much higher on the list. I once heard that there is one plastic surgeon for every 500 people in Beverly Hills. Contrast that to the Metro Detroit area, where I am at, and that number is closer to 1 for every 80,000 people.
Saly Lake City topping the list is a surprise. Who would have thought that a city of nearly 50% Mormons would be so vain?

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ANA said...

I'm not that shocked. There is a big focus on fitness there and it has one of the highest rates of diagnosed depression and utilization of mental health services. It seems like people there are focused on looking good and they have the resources.

If I were to guess, I would have guessed Los Angeles, Miami and New York. NYC probably has one of the highest rates of beauty products and services utilization of any city I've visited. They do have a good number of plastic surgeons but utilization is probably on the lower end for natives. I did several consults there when I lived in CT. I don't think they're talented, especially with body procedures.

Anonymous said...

it's funny to see louisville on there, but i have to agree about it. it confirms my suspicions, having grown up there, but leaving as soon as i was able. i had bad experiences with image-obsessed people there.

Anonymous said...

Actually orange county california has the most beautiful women I have ever seen (due of course to plastic surgery) I have been to Salt Lake City many times and well/ I don't think it compares. I got a perfect pair from they are so beautiful, I'm glad I did it.

Lemmy Caution said...

" would put L.A. much higher on the list. I once heard that there is one plastic surgeon for every 500 people in Beverly Hills."

Your statement is a non-sequituur. IF the stats are to be believed, their stats probably didn't include Beverly Hills OR Santa Monica which are separate cities. Each has a number of plastic surgeons and enhanced residents. The rest of L.A. includes huge swaths of middle American suburbs and low income ganglands so the stats don't surprise me at all.

Most of you folks in 'flyover' land see only Beverly Hills and maybe some synthesis of Santa Monica, Malibu and the South Bay Beach communities. The real L.A. is as unknown in the media as a real conservative.

Please don't take offense - you have a nice site - I'm glad I found it.

Dr York Yates said...

I am a plastic surgeon in the salt lake city area and it even surprises me that SLC tops the list