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Friday, December 28, 2007

China's "Miss Ugly" Wins Free Plastic Surgery

Some interesting (and scary) developments in Chinese plastic surgery:
27 year old Zhang Di won a newspaper competition in China and was crowned the area's Cinderella, or as some media have dubbed her "Miss Ugly." She was given $16,000 worth of plastic surgery in 12 operations to give make her look more "Western."

Elsewhere in China, plastic surgeons are breaking the leg bones of patients and slowly lengthening them using tissue expansion techniques, reportedly adding up to 4-5 inches of extra height. This is something I have not heard of in the States, except for reconstruction when people have bone removed from the legs from trauma or cancer.

While some people may think that China's "Miss Ugly" contest is crude and mean, is it really that different from The Swan or Extreme Makeover here in the States?


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joanne said...

no its not that different, just call it extremely extreme makeover

Anonymous said...

Is the leg extension surgery the same type that is used on types of dwarves?

I think it is sad that the surgery was used to make her more Western looking. We live in a culture that has people, especially women, trying to look more and more alike - blonde, large breasts, vapid expressions. I wish people were more proud of their own looks. Not that I am opposed to plastic surgery, but it should not be cookie cutter inspired.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think its different. It's trying to erase ethnicity for a start and although its not stated explicitly, I sense an exploitative nature to that contest.

I have heard of that leg extension technique being used on the very vertically challenged.

Anonymous said...

That's sad... she wasn't ugly at all.

And that show 'The Swan' was pretty atrocious.

Elment said...

... and people wonder why 2 beautiful supermodels can have ugly babies.

They can have as many plastic surgeries as they want, but can't change the "ugly" gene inside them.