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Monday, December 17, 2007

Lipodissolve Chain Goes Belly-Up

The lipodissolve chain, Fig, has filed for bankruptcy. This St. Louis-based company was probably the largest chain of fat-melting injectors in the country. According to their website:

The company is currently consulting with counsel and will likely seek legal relief under the bankruptcy code to ensure it preserves all options including the ability to reorganize and continue operations.
Current patients undergoing treatment will be contacted by the company regarding continued treatment options or making a refund claim. Please check this web site for the latest information.

Why did they go belly-up? Was it poor management? Overaggressive expansion? Or maybe poor clinical results? I would be interested to hear from their patients about whether they are actually getting taken care of, now that the company has shut down. Patient abandonment can, unfortunately, be a consequence of having procedures performed by a practice owned by business people, and not a physician.

There is currently an FDA-approved study being performed by ASERF which will hopefully shed some light on the safety and effectiveness of lipodissolve. I look forward to seeing these results.

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