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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reloxin - Botox alternative?

Medicis (maker of Restylane) has recently announced submission of Reloxin to the FDA for a BLA (Biologics License Application). This is a good thing for consumers, since Reloxin may become the first real competitor to Botox on the market. It is a form of Botulinum Toxin Type A, and can hopefully provide some competition for the massive Botox market. Currently, the makers of Botox (Allergan) have the only product of its kind on the market here in the States, and the prices seem to reflect this fact. I currently pay over $500 per vial of Botox, which is usually enough to treat only 5 different facial areas, or approximately 1.5-2 patients. This is the main reason why Botox treatments are so expensive. Hopefully the eventual arrival (still not sure when) of Reloxin on the market will bring the prices down, allowing more people to get the Botox they "desperately need!"

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Lisa said...

Following the Allergan vs. Medicis theme, what do you think about Juvederm versus Restylane? Are they about the same, or is one better? And did it bring the prices of those treatments down. Just curious (am 41 and know I will be going that route eventually.... ;-)) Thanks!

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I like both. Juvederm is a bit softer, maybe better for the lips. Restylane has better lift to it, making it often better for frown lines.

Lisa said...

Good info. Thanks!

Alfredo said...

I am writng from Spain, where there is a real revolution about botox and many people is using it.

Is it the same in other countries?

Anonymous said...

I am one that isn't interested in botox injections, I don't like shots. I did research on botox alternatives and I found Azure Cosmeceuticals and have been in love with their product line every since. I have been using their face corrective cream. It has made my skin feel so smooth and it glows. I've also used their peel and it cleans my skin so well and then after I use their face serum and after I feel like I have used a safe product on my face.

Vi said...

This is very exciting. I would like to pay less for botox, but I think I just go now cuz I'm kind of addicted. I have been using Hydropeptide too and I've seen amazing results. (My MD told me about it so I could extend the life on my treatments).

Vero said...


Just to let you know that in Europe there's a new medical treatment qualified as "botox alternative
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As botox it acts on muscles but without injections. I think it works with impulse.

I saw a TV program on the product and some physicians were saying that it worked well.

So I decided to buy one and ... I have to admit that the results are incredible!

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