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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hillary Duff's Veneers

It's a quiet time for celebrity plastic surgery news, so I thought I'd comment on some cosmetic work of the past.
In August 2005, Hillary Duff had veneers placed on her teeth after chipping them on a microphone. Her dentist was a bit overzealous, however, causing her to undergo quite a bit of scrutiny for her new, overly-long teeth. She subsequently had them shortened and has looked great ever since. Good thing, since those extra-long teeth were "So Yesterday."

Photo credit: Life and Style magazine

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Anonymous said...

I remember when she got those horse teeth veneers. She was on the Tonight Show or Letterman, or whatever, and she could not talk!! I mean: she could not form words correctly with those huge teeth in her mouth! It was strange and sad...

Anonymous said...

Sort of like Matt Dillon on "Something about Mary" when he had those big choppers implanted.