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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dolly Parton - Plastic Surgery on American Idol

Dolly Parton was featured on American Idol last night. I thought she looked good... for Dolly Parton. I think Dolly is somewhat like Pam Anderson, in that they look somewhat artificial, but somehow it works for them since they are larger than life stars. She has nary a wrinkle on her face, but somehow looks much better than Joan Rivers, who appears to have had a similar amount of work done. This may be because her plastic surgeons have focused on addition of volume to her face in addition to tightening of the skin. I thought she looked radiant. She's such a musical legend, a a sweet, cute woman. I wouldn't want my mom to look like her, but it sure works for Dolly!

The website Dollymania addresses her plastic surgery in this way:
She has freely admitted to a great deal of plastic surgery, including having anything sucked, tucked or lifted when it starts to sag. She has said she had her breasts "lifted," has had work done on her face, neck and rear end, regularly endures chemical facial peels and takes collagen injections to hide wrinkles. She has said that she is not ashamed of having plastic surgery because she wants to look her best for her fans and believes anyone who wants to have it done, has the money to pay for it, thinks it will improve their self-esteem and visits a licensed and qualified doctor for the procedure should go ahead and do it.

For my brief comments on Dolly Parton's plastic surgery, click here and here and here.

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Anonymous said...

off topic.
Dr Youn, id like to to ask you about this form of rhinoplasty which is performed in 20 minutes without breaking of bones.

how does it work?

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that comment FROM Michael Evan Sachs?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

It sounds like a variation of a closed rhinoplasty to me. In some cases this surgery can be performed with no visible scars and minimal downtime. I do this type quite often. Bones only need to be broken to thin a nose, straighten a nose, or treat an 'open roof' deformity after a bump is taken off. Not everyone needs their bones broken in a rhinoplasty.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks very artificial . . . although I do love her to death!
Kristal L. Rosebrook

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks very artificial.

Kristal L Rosebrook