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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sally Field - Plastic Surgery?

Has Sally Field had plastic surgery? Make Me thinks so. Click here to see their thoughts on her possible plastic surgery. Click the image to see it enlarged to decide for yourself!

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avid reader said...

please tell me what sarah brightman has had done! this article has a good side-by-side photo comparison. she looks great, but i'm just curious to know what procedures you think she's actually had. her eyes look really different now.

Anonymous said...

She held out a long before she had the surgery done. She was always very cute but she had big bags under her eyes for years and years and then one day they were gone. I think she looks terrific. She still looks like Sally Field - just fresher.

Anonymous said...

ive been wondering about sally myself lately after seeing her in the osteoporosis pill commercials.
she looks absolutley fabulous and if shes had work done, its been done very well. of course, shes kept herself slim and has great hair which i think helps alot.

Anonymous said...

I love Sally Field but I hate that she denies having cosmetic surgery when it's so obvious she has. At her age it is physically impossible to look the way she does without having had work. She does a disservice to everyone when she plays the "magic" card.