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Monday, April 28, 2008

Patricia Heaton - Belly Button-less?

Several websites are posting photos of Patricia Heaton in a bikini and claiming she has no belly button after having a tummy tuck. Is this true? And if so, why?

It's hard to tell from these photos if her umbilicus (belly button) was removed during her tummy tuck. If it was, this is actually not that uncommon, as many patients who have a tummy tuck have a hernia of their belly button as well. Some surgeons will repair the hernia at the time of the tummy tuck surgery. When this occurs, there is a risk that the belly button will lose its blood supply and die. Some surgeons will pre-empt this process by actually removing the belly button at the time of the surgery, with plans to remake a new one later. I tend to repair it at the time of surgery or have it done after the tummy tuck has completely healed.

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Photo link: vizuble

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Anonymous said...

i think no belly button means you are an extraterestrial. ):

Anonymous said...

I've seen these photos elsewhere. Sorry I don't remember where, or I'd give a link. But in the versions I saw, she had a small, but distinct belly-button.

Carmen said...

She does have a belly button, it is just very small. If you can find some close up photos it's very easy to see it.

Anonymous said...

why is the belly button important after birth? Does it actually have any function?

tuac said...

It does! Did you see this? The Innies and Outies of Extraterrestrial Life (in weird news) ha Like that Vanna Bonta F(light) quantum fiction book about the inter-dimensional girl Ara Flight who has no belly button. Now the surgeons are putting navels on aliens heh