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Monday, April 07, 2008

Whitney Houston - Breast Implants?

Does Whitney Houston have breast implants? This photo from Ayyyy! is very suggestive of it. The two half-grapefruit look can often signify breast implants placed above the muscle in a person with very little breast tissue. In these patients the implant makes up nearly the entire breast and the round look of the implant is not blunted by the muscle covering it. For this reason, in really thin patients it is often best to put the implants partially under the pectoralis muscle.

Is Kevin Costner now the Boobyguard?

Photo credit: Ayyyy!

To view a video of a breast augmentation I performed for Fox News, click here.

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Elaine Cooke said...

I would say she had breast implants. Elaine Cooke

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, maybe they're salad bowls?

PS thanks for the link to AYYYY!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think there were any breasts that looked freakier than Victoria Beckham's breasts, but this entry proves me wrong! Why Whitney, WHY?

Carmen said...

I've seen a lot of pictures of her where it looks like she has implants. I think she might have had them re-done though because there are some pictures where it looks like the implants are sagging a little bit. She's a very skinny women and it probably would have been a better choice to put them under the muscle though.

Anonymous said...

They look like they hurt, like lesions of blisters.

Anonymous said...

unfortunate though they are, they seem to be better than the implants she wore in the nineties.
I noticed when she came out of hiding recently that they were gone! now it looks like they are back!
check out the video for I learned from the best if you wanna see what I mean!