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Friday, June 11, 2010

Cher and Plastic Surgery

What plastic surgery has Cher had? Why does it look like she's wearing a Mask?

While Cher has reportedly admitted to some plastic surgery, including a rhinoplasty and laser treatments (source), I believe she's spent a lot more time under the plastic surgeon's knife than she lets on. I doubt the urban legend that she's had a rib removed to thin her torso, but what about the following cosmetic procedures:

1. Facelift - Her jawline is tighter than any 64 year old woman naturally should have.
2. Browlift - Her eyebrows are higher than when she was younger.
3. Botox injections - Hence the smoothness of her forehead and crow's feet
4. Lower blepharoplasty - At 37 I have larger bags under my eyes than she does at 64.
5. Upper blepharoplasty - Note the hollowing of her upper eyelids and the lack of an ounce of extra skin. Not natural.
6. Rhinoplasty - Maybe more than one, although it looks great.
7. Fat grafting - Her face looks almost as plump and soft as when she was in her 20's.
8. Filler injections like Restylane - Her smile lines are soft, too soft for a 64 year old.
9. Chemical peels or laser treatments - Her skin is waxy smooth!

If she could turn back time? I think she did! But I hope she stops while she's still ahead!

Click here to watch a segment of E!'s Celebrity Plastic Surgery: the Good, the Bags, and the Ugly.
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MAS said...

She looks fantastic for her age! Kudos to the surgeon doing the work... he's doing a great job.

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

I LOVE Cher...a very, very talented woman. Am I permitted to post a posting I wrote called "Quotes by Cher"? Some of them are just hilarious and so worth a read.

As for her cosmetic surgery, she has always had an interesting "non-expressive" face when talking, and has never moved her mouth much. (She is very different when acting...) Now that she is of a certain age, people are saying she has been Botoxed too much but this has always been the way her face moves (or doesn't).

SmartLipo said...

Cher's looking great for her age. She's lucky to have gone under the knife of skilled surgeons.:)If she's done all those surgeries to make her look young, that's her business. As she said in one of her quotes as quoted by Rosina At Middle Ageless on her blog "I had my nose done, my breasts done, and my teeth done.....If I want to put my tits on my back, it's nobody's business but my own."

Anonymous said...

I loved Cher's original lips and I wish she could have them back. I don't know why so many women think puffed up blobs are better looking than thin lips. The puffed up lip look is so over, just waiting now for the masses to catch up. :)

Anonymous said...

I think she looks absolutely incredible. She does not deny her plastic surgery, she called herself the "Plastic surgery poster-girl"