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Monday, June 07, 2010

Extreme Dr. 90210

If you get a chance, check out the new Extreme Dr. 90210 special airing at selected times on E!. This is not a continuation of the previous Dr. 90210 series, but a one hour special following three women who undergo 'extreme' plastic surgeries. It also marks the return of Dr. Robert Rey, who begins his quest to open a plastic surgery clinic in Honduras, of all places!

I found the results of the eyelid reconstruction amazing, and the antics of Dr. Rey especially entertaining. That guy cracks me up! If you TiVo it, I all but guarantee you will not be disappointed.

And no, I do not make my return to Dr. 90210 on this special. I've not been involved with the program since 2004! Hopefully someday soon...

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1 comment:

marly said...

You're right. The eyelid reconstruction was astonishing. When I see what great plastic surgery can accomplish and then contrast that with, say, Joan Van Ark's results, I'm puzzled. Why are there so many dreadful outcomes to celebrity plastic surgery? Certainly they are affluent enough to afford the best.

As for Dr. Rey, he is absolutely adorable. I love his playfulness and boyishness. I hope that his wife appreciates him.