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Monday, June 21, 2010

Jocelyn Wildenstein - Part I - Her Story

Every once in a (long) while I reprise a popular post from the distant past.
This is the first post of three I wrote back in Feb 2007 on Jocelyn Wildenstein, the New York Society Lion Woman. While many of us recognize her face, not many of us really know her story. By understanding how she came to be, maybe we can better understand why she has made herself look the way she does. Divas the has an excellent writeup of her personal story, which doesn't just trash her and her plastic surgery. Here is the Cliff Notes version:

Jocelyn grew up in a middle class family in Switzerland. There she became a skilled hunter and pilot. She eventually met and married billionaire art collector Alec Wildenstein. Marriage was difficult. Though Jocelyne tried as hard as she could, it was sometimes a thankless task to jolly her husband out of his somber moods. The only consolations, it seemed, were the lions in his private jungle and his priceless art collection. When Alec's eye began to wander after many years of marriage, Jocelyne grew jealous and believed that drastic measures were called for.

Pushing fifty and insecure about her looks, Jocelyne visited a renowned plastic surgeon. She wanted to revitalize her appearance in order to recapture the Alec she was so desperately in love with. The first surgeries were successful. This happy state of affairs lasted quite some time, and Jocelyne had the feeling that things were once again back on an even keel. So it was with both shock and sadness that she learned Alec wanted to sleep with other women. Not knowing what to do, a desperate Jocelyne formulated a plan that was so audacious in its daring that she may be forgiven for failing to see its drawbacks.

Jocelyne realized that Alec loved his jungle estate, and the cats that inhabited it, more than anything else in life. So armed with this information, she returned to her plastic surgeon with an unusual request: She wanted to be transformed into one of the giant Cats that Alec loved so much. Though surprised at this unorthodox request, the surgeon did his best to comply.

After countless surgeries - no one can say with certainty just how many - Jocelyne the Swiss beauty disappeared, and "The Queen Of The Jungle" took her place. Jocelyne's appearance was indeed striking. The first time Alec saw his new wife, it is said he screamed at the sudden appearance of this creature that confronted him. Naturally, Jocelyne was disappointed, and returned to her plastic surgeon for more work. It is rumored that several prospective patients ran screaming from the office, so concerned were they that they would end up looking like Jocelyne. As the reader may well imagine, this did nothing to improve the poor socalite's anxiety. However, Jocelyne persevered, and hasn't stopped to this day. When questioned as to the precise number and types of surgeries she's had, she merely replies with a smile "no more or less than any other woman".

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Youn for giving us a brief look into Jocelyn's reasons for making this tragic change.

Which was all for naught, unfortunately when men are done with you - they are done and there is really no point in trying to revive what has been lost.

The best thing, imo, is to refresh those areas and features that, in consult with the surgeon, need some attention and then relax and enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

As interesting as it may be, I don't believe the concocted story about deliberately wanting to look like a cat. That tale is designed to garner sympathy for the poor woman who was so upset at her husband's indifference that she resorted to drastic measures. I believe that its designed to deflect responsibility for poor choices from her to him. I think she started having surgeries, simply went too far, and then came up with the cat story as justification. She must be mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that, in her natural state, she looked like Pam Anderson- perhaps the second most famous plastic surgery patient- looked after a few surgeries. (Facially, of course.)

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with the above comment- Absolute fabrication, and not even the least bit believable.

Antonia Rosina said...

It's very sad IMO. It's easy to laugh about her (as I am guilty of doing) but behind every overworked face or body is usually a sad story.

DARIAN ZAM said...

If you can get hold of the Vanity Fair article from about ten or more years ago (just after she left her husband), it is a fascinating read on Jocely, the frighteningly powerful Wildenstein family and their art empire.